Texas Holdem Poker Strategy You Have To Try

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When playing Texas Holdem Poker it is always the best policy to keep a level head and take a few things into consideration on every hand you play. This is the first and most important Texas Holdem poker strategy you can use. When emotions come into a Texas Holdem poker strategy, you can only blame yourself if you start losing.

A Texas Holdem Poker strategy should consist of most of the following points as well as a few things you could only pick up through playing lots of hands online.

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy

Here are a few things to take into consideration before and during a game:

Know which hands to play and which to fold

For now I would suggest that you go to our page on poker starting hands and bookmark this page. You need to know which hands are worth playing and which ones will more than likely just make you lose your money.

What is your position

Position is a vital part of your Texas Holdem poker strategy. It especially comes in handy when you have a marginal hand that you are not sure that you want to play. If you are seated close to the dealer, you need to decide whether you want to bet on your hand right away or not. It is however better to sit further away from the dealer as you would then be able to see how players bet on their hands. If they bet or raise each other you woudl be abel to fold without wasting the money on a bet.

Hold it or fold it

If the flop is dealt and it doesn’t make your hand stronger right away, then fold. You might be tempted to just hold on for the river and hope that it would bring you some magic. You will definitely see this happen for some other players, but it would more often than not result in losses for them. When you fold a hand, you need to sit and watch the other players complete a round, but the good part in this is that you can start to study your opponents and find out on what they prefer to bet. This will help you in your decision making in following rounds.

Keep the discipline

Discipline is probably the most difficult part of any Texas Holdem poker strategy. You must not let emotions or a gut-feel take over hoping that you will get that winner on the turn or the river. It will more often than not be a losing hand. Keep to this and make sure that you don’t waste chips on long odds.

Reading the board

Once the flop is dealt, you need to figure out what the best possible hand could be if combined with the flop. You then need to compare your hand to this and see how well you would be able to compete. If you decide not to do this you will be playing along on a hand that is already won by someone else. This is called “drawing dead”. Many players get dragged into this, even the pro’s, so do the math and then see if you would like to play or fold.

So to sum it all up, a good Texas Holdem Poker strategy would consist of knowing exactly what the potential is of your hand and your opponent’s possible hands and keeping focused on what is going on in the game.

We have also got a section that delves a little more into what to do before the flop is dealt. Be sure to have a look at this pre flop strategy section.

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